User Guide

The below videos walk through the process of:

  1. Setting your zero sales click threshold in the analysis tool.
  2. Generating a Sponsored Products Advertising Report from Amazon.
  3. Uploading the Sponsored Product Advertising Report into the analysis tool.
  4. Translating your Negative Search Term List.
  5. Downloading your Negative Search Term list as a Bulk Upload File.
  6. Uploading the Bulk Upload File into Amazon.
  7. How to reset your account.

At the end of this process you will have added negative search terms and competitor ASINs into your Automatic Ads on Amazon.

Step 1 – Setting Your Zero Sales Click Threshold

Step 2 – Downloading Your Sponsored Products Advertising Report From Amazon

Step 3 – Uploading The Sponsored Product Advertising Report into The Analysis Tool.

Step 4 – Translating Your Negative Search Term List

Step 5 – Preparing & Downloading Your Negative Bulk Upload File

Step 6 – Uploading the Bulk Upload File into Amazon

Step 7 – How to reset your account


  1. Does it work with Manual (exact, phrase / broad) campaigns?

Not yet. It’s on our roadmap.

  1. What type of report do I feed into Zonx?

Download a search term report from your Amazon Account. Use “Create report” button from this link: Don’t use a Bulk file to download your amazon data.

  1. Which marketplaces does it work with?

The data update works with Japan, UK, USA so far. The translation works from Japanese.