The ZonX Mission

To make getting a translation for Amazon product listings:

  1. Easy
  2. Reliable
  3. Affordable

Hi. My name’s John Cant and I set-up ZonX to create an efficient solution for people to get Amazon product listings professionally translated.

I’ve worked in e-commerce for 6 years and run another business called Rising Sun Commerce which helps brands sell in Japan. For some of our customers, they just wanted a reliable and easy way of having their products translated into Japanese. Often there was a lot of back and forth to decide if they needed extra localization work. But many customers didn’t. They just wanted a reliable and quick translation without any fuss.

Whilst running the Japanese agency, we developed our internal efficient systems for carrying out keyword research. ZonX is the culmination of solving these problems to help sellers in all languages.

I’m based in Hull, UK, but our translation team are spread across the globe.

I love to travel and lived in Japan for 5 years and regularly go back. I have 2 daughters who keep me busy and I love playing and watching football and running.

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